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tWoTcast episode 31 (part 1 of 7) Our first discussion of book seven of the Wheel of Time, A Crown of Swords. Covering chapters 1-3 and the prologue. Featuring: Jono, Joe and Tom. Cover talk part seven; is that a bird-faced trolloc or Faile? The prologue is filled with characters we hate and long as hell, the aiel's version of a hilarious joke on wetlanders is a helicoptor dick, and finally ...
Thanks to appropriate casting and fun action sequences Hercules is a real summer popcorn flick. It could have been more if not for unimaginative direction and dull writing. Dwayne Johnson embodies the character and along with Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell and the rest of his merry band of warriors are worth the price of admission.
Als Techniker und Betriebswirt der über 10 Jahre selbst verkauft hat spricht Michael Kienzle in seinen Trainings nicht von der Theorie sondern von der umsetzbaren Praxis!
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